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Make your
writing the best
it can be.

TOUCHSTONE: a test or criterion for determining the quality
or genuineness of a thing; see STANDARD.
– Webster’s Eleventh Collegiate Dictionary

I provide editorial services tailored to your voice and style to bring out the best in your writing.

  • Editing

  • Writing

  • Evaluation

  • Coaching

  • Analysis


"From her own writing experience, Ginny brings a love of words
and empathy for her author. I found that she embraced and
enhanced my voice, allowing me to appreciate a richer version
of my own writing."

​​~ H. Peter Alesso

Stephen Michael.jpg
"Dear Stephen Michael's Mother"

by Kevin Barhydt



Polish provides luster, adds richness, and enhances beauty. It works on fingernails, shoes, furniture, your car. And on your words. When you write a book, you want to focus on the inspiration and the ideas, the emotional drive of your story. Your vision deserves an editor who brings the same passion to the project, with a side of objectivity.

A sample edit for your manuscript is available at no charge so you can see exactly how I will polish and refine your writing.


I'm Ginny Ruths, and I am passionate about language. I get a thrill out of finding precisely the right word in context. With extensive experience in editing and writing a wide range of publications, I love the variety of challenges inherent in freelance work.


Working in both fiction and nonfiction, I work with you to find, develop, and polish your authentic voice, whatever you write. My comprehensive editorial services will help you make your writing the best it can be.

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