"You've made me look
like a better writer
than I am

What can I do for you?
  • Hone your individual writing style

  • Evaluate organization, overall flow, and progression

  • Improve clarity and consistency

  • Assess characters, their motivations, and their actions

  • Refine descriptive word choice

  • Heighten emotion and dramatic tension
  • Sharpen and focus action

My edits tighten your narrative and strengthen reader engagement through word choice, style, tone, organization, development, themes, flow, and consistency. In fiction, I also address character motivation and growth, plot development, action, pace, timing, and setting.

A fresh perspective gives me the big-picture view of your manuscript. I can evaluate your writing objectively to spot missteps, lapses in clarity, and missing pieces that can irritate readers. I polish the rough edges, making sure all the threads come together to complete the fabric of your story. It's the finishing touch that makes your writing the best it can be.