Writing, editing and proofreading

It's a question of...




What can Touchstone do for you?


  • Clarify your publication goals.

  • Analyze how well documents meet those goals.

  • Write and edit with clarity, accuracy, and consistency.

  • Organize and coordinate documents.

  • Maintain style standards across documents.

  • Design documents appropriate to both content and purpose.

The business world looks for documents that communicate effectively. Publications that don't meet the reader's needs and expectations confuse and dilute your message.


Touchstone can help make your documents user-friendly: accurate, accessible, functional, intuitive. An outside perspective allows unbiased assessment of how the reader responds to your information, whether it's a client proposal, an employee manual, or a marketing brochure.

Give your business documents the finishing touch that comes from a professional's hand. Because when the question is quality, the answer is Touchstone.


Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things


~ Peter Drucker