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"If I require an authoritative answer to a question regarding style, usage, speech, or procedure, I turn to the definitive writing reference work, The Chicago Manual of Style. If, however, what I need is a skilled pen able to sharpen plot development while polishing the edges; to cause prose to leap off the page, gripping a reader with anticipation; and to excite imagination with blazing imagery, then I turn to Ginny Ruths. A highly talented editor and writer gifted with uncanny insight, Ginny Ruths is at the pinnacle of her craft. Why turn anywhere else?"

~ Andy Ceroni, author of Meridian and Snow Men

Winner of the 2016 CIPA EVVY Award for Best Action/Adventure Fiction

Winner of Outskirts Press Best Book of 2016 Award

Winner of the 2015 CIPA EVVY Award for Best Action/Adventure Fiction

Winner of Outskirts Press Best Book of 2015 Award



The rareness

of excellence should not be made into an excuse for the failure

to recognize it.


~ John Ciardi


"Ginny Ruths possesses the qualities of a great editor. From her own writing experience, she brings a love of words and empathy for her author. I found that she embraced and enhanced my voice, allowing me to appreciate a richer version of my own writing. While she was flexible in discovering the appropriate character response to a wide variety of scenes, she was persistent in keeping the plot moving decisively without distractions, or missteps. Many good editors can deal effectively with typos, grammar, and punctuation, but a gifted editor provides a fresh eye to uncover issues and choices that an author may miss. I feel fortunate to have found Ginny and I look forward to her stewardship in my future work."

~ H. Peter Alesso, author of Captain Hawkins and Commander Henry Gallant



"I want to thank you for your excellent editing work on my doctoral comprehensives and on my doctoral dissertation. I am very pleased with the work you completed for me and impressed with your superior knowledge of the APA style. Through your expertise, I passed my comprehensives on the first submission, an accomplishment unheard of at the Fielding Graduate Institute."

~ Dr. Fae Garcia Bush



"My sincere appreciation to you for your wisdom, guidance and advice through the entire process of editing my manuscript. You offered many positive suggestions that helped clear the cobwebs from my writing. Your comments were invaluable, and I am eternally grateful."

~ Sally Silagy, author of My Teen Angel