Writing, editing and proofreading

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Touchstone Publications offers editorial services for individuals and businesses: writing, editing, and producing coherent, accurate, and effective communications.


When the question is quality, the answer is Touchstone.


The difficulty is

not to write, but to write what you mean; not to affect your reader, but to affect

him precisely

as you wish.


~ Robert Louis Stevenson



Substantive editing for organization, flow, and style

Analyze thematic progression for logical, coherent, and continuous development of ideas. Establish and maintain style appropriate to both content and audience. Refine and polish word choice for maximum effectiveness.

Content editing for character and plot development

Examine characters' actions, dialogue, and motivations for consistency and development. Assess plot and action for logical progression and eliminate inconsistency, irrelevancy, and confusion.

Line and copy editing for style and grammar

Ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation and maintain appropriate, consistent voice. Review both text and formatting to comply with required style standards.

Professional consulting and manuscript evaluation

Review documents for target, goals, effectiveness, and consistency. Provide a detailed book map that tracks development chapter by chapter to visually identify story progression and highlight any gaps.

Copywriting and ghostwriting

Write clear, concise, and accurate content, emphasizing precision and suitability to the context.

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